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coconut oil Make-up brush cleaner

One of the many amazing uses of coconut oil, is that it makes an easy and effective make up brush cleaner. Coconut oil is high in antibacterial properties, making it perfect for getting them brushes back to being clean and free from bacteria. So, why not try this coconut oil make-up brush cleaner. You won’t go back.

Make-up brushes need to be cleaned regularly to avoid the build up of old make-up, which will not only effect the application of your make-up, but will cause you to spread bad bacteria around your face, which can lead to acne outbreaks, and skin issues.

You’ll be amazed at just how well this works. I struggled for years trying to get my brushes clean. I would end up buying new brushes all of the time, but now, I do this every couple of weeks, and my brushes are back to new. Another bonus is, It only takes 10 minutes.

Not only is coconut oil good for us inside and out, it’s good for our make-up brushes too 😊

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coconut oil make-up brush cleaner

What You’ll Need

  1. Raw organic extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil
  2. Jar/s or container/s
  3. Paper towels
  4. Small clean towel
  5. Warm water

Step 1

Heat a little coconut oil in a pan on the stove to get it to a liquid form. Enough to fill the bottom of the jar or container that you’ll be using.

Pour into jar/s or container/s.

I do 2 jars of coconut oil as the first one will get dirty very quickly(picture after second swirl).

Depending on the number of brushes you’re cleaning you may need to alter the amount of coconut oil you’re using, and the number of jars. You can just keep using the same jar/container. Just empty it, give it a clean, and refill with fresh coconut oil.

step 2

Take make-up brush and give it a good swirl around in the coconut oil.

step 3

Run under warm water and run brush along the back of your hand. This will get the residue out of the brush. It will come away with ease.

step 4

Repeat the swirling in the coconut oil and running against the back of the hand until clean, then run under the tap using warm water to give a final rinse.

step 5

Take your clean towel, dry the brushes off a bit, and then leave on a paper towel to fully dry for a few hours.

Not only will your brushes be back to being clean they will be extra soft.

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